What are the Plus points of Fused Silica?

Fused Silica is getting rapid acknowledgment among other materials. You can see its wide applications in several other things like windows, lenses, trays, and boats and much more. If you want to know about its manufacturing, then let me tell you this is made of silica grains. The heating process is used to melting these grains. Such type of material is transparent, but later on, it can be consumed in the impervious material.

As we discussed above one method is melting silica grains, and another one is synthesizing process of glass from chemicals. Let’s have a look at their additional points that will be informative for you.

  • Fused silica is thermally shock resistant to an extreme level. It can be taken out from red heat and just dip into the water without having any crash.
  • The low coefficient thermal expansion would be low in fused silica. The main reason of it preference in the majority is at high temperature.
  • This is having optical transmission properties from the range of ultra violet to infra-red.
  • Fused Silica has excellent chemical resistance than other materials. It doesn’t react to any substance quickly. Doesn’t harm to anyone. Due to this trait, fused silica is being preferred among several other materials.
  • Quartz glass is excellent electrical insulator

Properties of fused silica have typical figures. They don’t have absolute material properties before wrapping up let’s take a look at its applications

  • Windows
  • Mirror substitutes
  • Crucibles
  • UV transmitting optics
  • IR transmitting optics
  • Metrology Components


These are the some of the basic plus points and applications of fused silica. We all know its credibility now so among several benefits. It is suggested most of the time to understand the materials and components are always tested to figure out it is suitable or not for the particular application.

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