Get to Know about the properties of Aluminium Oxide

If you belong to the engineering field, then you will know about aluminium oxide. You might have used this for several experiments in you school Lab. It wouldn’t be tough for students to know about this chemical in detail because they have already gone through this in detail. Being a non-chemical student, it doesn’t mean that you have no right to get to know about the details of any chemical. It is possible that you would not pay attention to formulations or structures like a chemical engineering student will do. You would think this is trivial for you but in our daily lives, it is being used widely. This blog would be a great help for all of you who don’t have any idea about aluminium oxide. Take a look at some main properties of Aluminium oxide and its uses.

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is used in all type of engineering process. Do you know this is a light weight compound? You would be surprised to hear that this is utilizing in the manufacturing process of Airplanes. It has a slow reaction with oxygen, but the boiling point would remain at high, so this one is suitable for manufacturing cooking pans as well.


Its physical and chemical properties both acts similar. Let’s have a look at Alumina properties.

  • It can easily conduct electricity.
  • It is one of the hardest material and having high corrosion.
  • It reacts with acids and bases at high temperatures.
  • Good thermal conductor is just because of its high boiling point.
  • It has excellent gliding properties.

Uses of Aluminium Oxide

1. Insulation of Material

Do you know this is widely used in ceramic industry as an insulating material? The compound is having an excellent resistance to several acids. Hydrofluoric acid and Phosphoric acids use to get more resistance than others acids. It can reuse in many process applications which are the best part of the insulation process.

2. Manufacturing Industrial components

High boiling point and low reactivity would make aluminium oxide appropriate to use in the manufacturing of refractories. The compound is the main element in manufacturing thermal test machines. Construction of Passive components for different interconnection parts is being done through aluminium oxide. Have you ever heard about resistors and capacitors? Well, these are also made by Aluminium oxide.

3. Coating Titanium Oxide

Titanium oxide is being used in pigmentation process of paints and plastics. Utilization of aluminium oxide in coating process has the significant role. You wouldn’t see catalytic reactions between products and atmosphere. Alumina is also using in the fillers process for the welding industry.

These are some common properties and uses of Aluminium oxide which is being utilized at a broad level. You would get to know about its detail aspects through other mediums as well. We have just tried to cover the main features to avoid exaggeration for non-chemical persons. It is mandatory to keep yourself updated through these chemicals. It doesn’t matter you belong to the chemical field or not. Stay safe while using these and keep the environment safe as well because it can be dangerous for you.